Mythic Tarot - King Swords


Odysseus is seated on a silver throne in a barren plain. He holds an upright sword in his right hand and balanced scales in his left. His throne is decorated with equilateral triangles as the symbol of perfect harmony.

  • the Wily One
  • son of Sisyphus, he inherited some of the guile and cunning of his father
  • he was a shrewd advisor and sound strategist for the Greeks during the Trojan War
  • conceived the idea of the Trojan Horse
  • showed mercy to Trojan captives and promised fair treatment to those who surrendered peacefully
  • brilliant and inventive, his intellectual gifts made him a gifted liar, although he always used his craftiness in service of the principles he held sacred – victory of the Greeks over the Trojans and the sanctity of his homeland and family
  • a brilliant strategist, a clever bargainer and manipulator, and a kind man with high ideals yet he had no empathy for others
  • it took him 10 years to make it back to Ithaca after the war; he encountered many dangerous foes, but throughout all of his trials he acted with foresight, cleverness, strategy and guile and was driven by his determination to make it home despite the opportunities that came his way
  • a wanderer who isn’t rooted in the heart and therefore is not rooted in relationships with others
  • the dynamic, initiating, organizing dimension of the element of Air
  • the strategic skills of the human mind at their most impressive
  • a man of principles, although more towards general laws than individual situations
  • high ideals about decency, kindness and fairness
  • intellectual leadership which is attractive and dynamic
  • a man of high principles who can also unexpectedly shift allegiances to preserve diplomacy and cooperation
  • a formidable opponent who is good to have on one’s side
  • insists on fairness and equality
  • unable to respond quickly to feelings and emotions unless they’re put across coherently
  • activity, dynamism and creativity are expressed as mental skill, agility and dexterity
  • diplomatic lover of harmony who needs a stable, balanced environment
  • intellectual with a love of knowledge
  • communication is important to them
  • receptive to reason with logic and persuasion
  • enjoy working with others and have a talent for gaining co-operation in working environments
  • blessed with lucid thinking and clarity of vision and can express their thoughts easily
  • although not always noted for compassion and empathy, known for decency and compassion
Random Thoughts
  • the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
  • standoffish
  • associations with Justice because of sword and scales and because Athene was his protectress
  • you can’t play the player

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 23Aug91 was "mind, wit and personality in order to excel".