Mythic Tarot - Knight Wands


Bellerophon rides Pegasus up into the air as he carries a flaming wand in his left hand and a quiver of arrows slung over his right shoulder. Below, he has killed the Chimera, which has the head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a serpent.

  • he killed both his brother and a rival through being high-spirited
  • the wife of King Proteus fell in love with him and although he rebuked her, Proteus believed that she had been seduced so he sent Bellerophon on a fatal mission to kill the Chimera
  • he was able to overcome the Chimera through heeding a seer’s advice and taming Pegasus in addition to using a golden bridle which Athene had given him; then he was able to riddle the Chimera with arrows from above and thrust a lump of lead between her jaws with one of his arrows; her fiery breath melted the lead, which trickled down her throat and killed her
  • arrogant and boastful about his success, he tried to fly to Mount Olympus, but Zeus sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus, who threw Bellerophon ingloriously to earth
  • the volatile, changeable, and effervescent dimension of fire, which is always in motion and seeking new challenges
  • arrogance and boastfulness
  • one who is both immensely creative and divorced from reality
  • the childlike assumption that good luck always ought to be handed out by life no matter who one is or what one does
  • an unreliable charmer who will leave when new adventure beckons
  • one who is intuitive and imagination (trendy) in that they are the first to take up a new idea, fashion or lifestyle before others discover the thing might be worthwhile
  • neither a follower (because he’s easily distracted) or a leader (because he’s too self-centered and easily bored to be responsible for directing others)
  • one who takes up a challenge or cause because it seems exciting and will gain one attention as well as keeping one occupied for a period of time
  • a likeable, even lovable, figure who tends to be forgiven because of their natural high spirits, attractiveness, naivete and well-meaning intent
  • one who is always seeking out new challenges or new battles to fight
  • quest for adventure, excitement and action
  • intuitive and imaginative, but often out of touch with reality
  • full of wonderful ideas and creative visions
  • generous, creative, enthusiastic and has a love of life, but on the other hand can be dogmatic, opinionated and unnecessarily tactless
Random Thoughts
  • forgetting that the impossible task was only accomplished because of the help of others
  • forgetting one’s place
  • the higher they fly, the further they fall
  • hubris
  • an idea man or possibly the public face of a business, but someone more level-headed or in touch with reality needs to be working with him or in the background

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 15 Aug 91 was "constant quest for new adventure and challenges".