Mythic Tarot - Nine Cups


Psyche and Eros are reunited as they stand on a rock facing each other. Aphrodite looks on, glass raised as they all share a toast at the couple’s reunion. Six more golden cups are carefully stacked below them.

  • satisfaction and the fulfillment of an emotional dream amid great ecstasy and genuine love
  • a great emotional joy
  • the second marriage of Psyche and Eros
  • a relationship between two people who have understood each other’s failings and forgiven each other
  • the power of unconditional human love is strong enough to sway even the goddess of love
  • fulfillment that has been earned through hard work and Psyche’s inner commitment
  • everything Psyche has done has been done out of loyalty to her own feelings
  • a commitment to loving another through resentment, betrayal, separation, despair and readiness to give it all up if required
  • a marriage based on lies won’t last, but a marriage where both partners are aware of and accept each other’s faults can flourish
  • marriages that survive the greatest trials often yield the most fruitful relationships
  • a wish of great emotional importance coming true

Random Thoughts
  • a relationship between two people who have been through the wringer with each other
  • the proof is in the pudding – one person has proven the lengths they would go to in order to prove their love for the other
  • since they are looking at each other, they are as equal as a human and a god can be

The keyword/phrase I came up with doing my workbook exercises on 16 Nov 91 was "fulfillment of a cherished dream".