Mythic Tarot - Nine Pentacles


Daedelus stands with his hands folded and a contented look upon his face. His workman’s clothes have been replaced by a gown and he wears a laurel wreath. Nine pentacles are stacked before him and he is surrounded by a trellis that is laden with grapevines.

Laurel Leaves/Wreath
  • laurel was used to crown victors in contests; the striving spirit and crown of victory are aspects of Apollo
  • symbol of victory, peace, purification, protection, divination, secret knowledge and immortality
  • laurel wreaths were worn by those worthy of honor, especially poets (poet laureate)
  • a state of great satisfaction
  • the solitary enjoyment of good things
  • the pleasure in self-sufficiency and accomplishment which can only come from within oneself and which one offers to oneself
  • satisfaction in knowing that one’s wits and efforts have ensured one’s survival, wealth and position for the rest of one’s life
  • reward and achievement in one’s own eyes
  • worldly achievement
  • a deep and permanent sense of self-value that has been earned through meeting life’s challenges and surviving them all
  • the ability to rely on oneself without needing the constant support of others
Random Thoughts
  • an unconventional path to success
  • risk that has paid off
  • I have survived
  • that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger
  • the potential shown by the grapes in the 8 has increased even further since there are now six bunches hanging from the trellis
  • perfected work since all nine pentacles are finished
  • someone who has a spotty past finally makes good

The keyword/phrase that I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "satisfaction (personal)".