Mythic Tarot - Nine Swords


Having killed his mother and incurred the wrath of the Furies, Orestes stands with his hands clasped to his ears as the Furies menace him from behind. Each Fury holds three swords, and all of them are pointed at Orestes.

  • experiencing great fear and anxiety
  • nightmares and fantasies about impending doom that may not manifest but are frightening and painful because of the power of the fantasy
  • torment through guilt, fears and fantasies of destruction
  • expecting a terrible future outcome when there are no indicators that such an outcome will occur
  • fears that can become self-fulfilling prophecies
  • morbid fantasies about the future spring from guilt about the past
  • ungrounded fears that can stop one from enjoying their life
  • understanding the reason for one’s guilt or fear will provide insight that can be helpful in dispelling that fear
Random Thoughts
  • You’re driving me mad!
  • a worry-wart
  • the ultimate in pessimism
  • a guilty conscience
  • being afraid of the bogeyman
  • something that can’t hurt you but can cause you to do harm to yourself

Keyword/phrase that I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "guilt-driven anxiety about the future".