Mythic Tarot - Nine Wands


Jason’s last struggle before achieving his goal is the passage through the Clashing Rocks. Iolkos can be seen in the distance with nine flaming wands beckoning on the shore. The sea around the city is calm, but the ship’s sails are tattered as a storm rages around it and the sea beneath it is turbulent. The ship makes its way through the rocks but hasn’t reached safety yet.

  • strength in reserve, strength one doesn’t know one has until one has to use it
  • when one feels that they can’t fight another fight or confront another difficulty, somehow the energy becomes available to take on the final challenge before the goal
  • the sails reflect the state of exhaustion felt by Jason and his crew
  • a final challenge arises that must be overcome before the goal can be met
  • rising up to a final challenge
  • the creative spirit, which can’t be controlled or bent to one’s will, is available to help when one is at one’s lowest ebb
  • an injection of new life, hope and ideas
  • one must be willing to try one more time so that the goal can be reached
Random Thoughts
  • being at the end of one’s rope (physically, mentally or emotionally)
  • a “when you least expect it” moment

The keyword/phrase that I came up with in my workbook on 14 Mar 92 was "reserve strength".