Mythic Tarot - Queen Pentacles


Queen Omphale sits on her throne out in a lush field where cows can be seen grazing in the distance. In one hand she holds up a pentacle, while the other holds up a bunch of grapes. Bull’s heads adorn her throne.

  • she bought Heracles when he was for sale as a slave, and he rid her country of bandits
  • a widow, she was an able ruler because of her pragmatic and powerful character
  • Heracles was her lover and fathered three sons with her
  • Pan took a fancy to her one day when she and Heracles were visiting vineyards; aware of the god’s interest in her, she suggested that she and Heracles change clothes before retiring for the night; so when Pan tried to have his way with her in the dead of night, he was actually attacking Heracles, who kicked Pan across the grotto
  • she took great pride and pleasure in physical and sensual comforts
  • she represents the sensuality of the body itself because the Greeks believed that passion was centered in the navel, after which she is named
  • a ruler in her own right who is generous, but also pragmatic and protective of her wealth and territory
  • an image of high self-value because she treats herself, her body and her country with care and lavish generosity
  • the receptive, stable, sensuous dimension of the element of Earth
  • image of feminine strength and sensuality
  • not just a craving for physical satisfaction but a primordial force that possesses both dignity and power
  • the need to bow to the power of the instincts and acknowledge that even the mind and spirituality exist in a body made of earth
  • earthy and acute, appreciates both physical and material comfort
  • enjoys luxury, beauty and high-quality goods
  • thrives on that which is pleasing to the senses
  • generally peaceful, serene and calm but also has a bull-like temper when angered and can be stubborn, rigid and inflexible when pushed or rushed
  • patience and perseverance in completing projects
  • steadfast, loyal, practical, patient
Random Thoughts
  • I want the best because I deserve it!
  • an eye for a bargain
  • being in touch with one’s sexual nature and needs

The keyword/phrase I wrote in my workbook on 18Aug91 was "peaceful nature, sensuous outlook, patience and loyalty".