Mythic Tarot - Seven Cups


Psyche kneels on her rock, praying to Aphrodite for help by acknowledging Aphrodite’s sovereignty in all matters of love. Rising out of the water, Aphrodite confronts Psyche with the tasks that she must complete in order to win Eros back.

  • Psyche has lots of options before her, but those options can only be made manifest through hard work
  • Aphrodite is now on Psyche’s side, so Psyche is able to indulge in happy fantasies about her reunion with Eros
  • Aphrodite’s support comes at a price – in order to be reunited with Eros, Psyche must perform a series of hard labors that will take time, effort, care, and forethought, and that carry the risk of humiliation and suffering
  • realizing one’s true feelings or connecting with an important part of one’s self allows the future to open up as a rosy vision
  • a time of creative potential accompanied by a great deal of available energy
  • realization that wishing will not accomplish one’s goals, only hard work, dedication and action will do that
Random Thoughts
  • the need to swallow one’s pride and ask for the help of one who doesn’t like you
  • a single-minded purpose to do what it takes to recover what has been lost
  • trying to appease one’s mother-in-law for the sake of the relationship
  • being between a rock and a hard place

The keyword/phrase I came up with doing my workbook exercises on 16 Nov 91 was "careful decisions".