Mythic Tarot - Seven Pentacles


Daedelus stands next to a column on which are mounted six pentacles. Queen Pasiphae offers him a seventh pentacle for a job she’d like done. He scratches his chin in thought. A white bull stands behind the Queen.

  • a difficult decision
  • material security and favor has been gained in the workplace
  • having worked long and hard to gain one’s current position
  • recovering from the setbacks of the 5 Pentacles
  • the need to decide between the security that one has already built and the uncertainty of a new direction whose success is unknown
  • making the safe choice, which may lead to stagnation and “divine retribution”, or choosing something that’s risky, dangerous and immoral although it has potential for one to grow one’s skills
  • when success is achieved, the ability to take chances is often lost, and there may be a limit to what one can accomplish through one channel alone
  • a possible change in one’s direction
  • a creative challenge that’s too good to resist
  • mid-life crisis
Random Thoughts
  • the work of the artisan - taking something and turning it into something new (the 6 pentacles that were offered by King Minos are now part of a column)
  • having rebuilt one’s reputation
  • proving that another’s faith in one was well-placed
  • choose your poison
  • decide who you’re going to piss off
  • considering betraying someone who has been good to you
  • thankless person
  • the consequences of not keeping to one’s word (King Minos not sacrificing the white bull)
  • kinky sex
  • allowing oneself to get pulled into someone else’s drama
  • a warning against being a “bull in a China shop” and/or grabbing the bull by the horns

They keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "difficult decisions".