Mythic Tarot - Seven Swords


Shrouded and hooded in his cloak, Orestes creeps stealthily towards the palace at Argos. He carries seven swords with him. In the sky behind him, a thin crescent moon can be seen shining in the sky.

  • applying mental energy in a cautious, wily and diplomatic way in order to gain the desired end
  • brains over brawn
  • a feeling of ambivalence since the rightness or moral integrity of the goal cannot always be determined or verified
  • the mind is amoral as it is uncontaminated by feeling values; so the intellect can be cold and manipulative
  • tact, deliberate charms and even subterfuge may be necessary to achieve a goal and may be in direct conflict with one’s ethics
  • the end justifies the means
  • having to compromise one’s character in order to achieve a goal
  • guile is a mental attribute that sometimes must be used in life
  • indirect action, confusing roundabout courses and extreme caution are called for in order to achieve an objective
  • sometimes evasiveness, brains, tact and diplomacy are the best way to achieve a goal instead of brawn and aggression
  • discretion
  • one must not attract attention
Random Thoughts
  • good guys finish last
  • honesty isn’t always the best policy
  • “discretion is the better part of valor” means that it’s often wiser to avoid taking an unnecessary risk than to be recklessly courageous

Keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "subterfuge".



I had this card turn up as the outcome in a CC spread I did the other day. It's been puzzling me as the more obvious meanings just don't make sense. I tried to imagine being in the shoes of Orestes to see if I could get a sense of how it would feel to be in his shoes, in this card. The overwhelming feeling I had was that of resignation. The current situation is a long way from perfect but it's at this point one accepts that it is the way it is and just moves forward anyway. Disappointment, discomfort, a sinking feeling, but ultimately, resignation.


Resignation. I like that. :)


This card has been haunting me for months. It got to the point that I ended up journeying on it. The best description I got was an image of a Warrior in a Trickster's mask. Since then, it's really been pinging my truth cord that way. Interesting view of it for me, though.