Mythic Tarot - Seven Wands


Jason battles with King Aeetes of Colchis to be able to remove the Fleece from Colchis and bring it back to Iolkos. Jason fights with two wands while the King fights with one. In the background Theseus and Heracles fight with two of the King’s warriors. Each combatant holds a flaming wand.

  • an evenly matched struggle between men as opposed to the struggle in the five between hero and the alien power of the dragon’s claws
  • stiff competition with another who wants the same thing and is willing to fight for it
  • one can’t rest on one’s laurels but instead must try harder
  • envy and competition are a fact of creative life, one that must be accepted
  • the same imaginative idea can conjure visions in more than one person
  • competition can be stimulating and exciting
  • one must not let the fear of competition stop one from trying in the first place
  • a test of one’s faith in oneself to determine how hard one is willing to fight for what one has achieved
  • both men are entitled to the Fleece (King Aeetes because he had it and Jason because he captured it), yet only one of them may keep it
  • one must fight to make an idea work, and make it better, because having had a good idea once isn’t enough if someone else had the same idea and did better with it
Random Thoughts
  • jealousy or envy in wanting what another has
  • a warning about bragging about what you’ve achieved – others become aware of your success and want to take it from you
  • in the “no good deed goes unpunished” school of thought, success at one level just means that people expect you to compete at the next level and at a higher standard – the reward for high achievement is the expectation that you will try even harder
  • success can bring out the best or the worst in people

The keyword/phrase that I came up with in my workbook on 14 Mar 92 was "renewed effort".