Mythic Tarot - Six Cups


Psyche sits on a rock looking pensively into the golden cup that she holds in her left hand. In her right hand is the remains of her bridal bouquet of lilies. A calm see is in the background.

  • all is lost and all that is left is pleasant memories
  • learning something about oneself through the loss brings one tranquility and harmony
  • the stillness and serenity of the scene echo the stillness and serenity that often come after a crisis
  • through testing and disappointment, the unreal dreams and expectations of the past have changed into something real and solid
  • the decision to regain what has been lost brings peace within oneself
  • being haunted by the nostalgia of the past
  • an acceptance of the past and the way things happened
  • a positive turn in one’s journey towards one’s goal
Random Thoughts
  • “after a storm comes a calm” means that a period of anger or trouble is usually followed by a period of relative peace
  • Psyche is still holding onto her bridal lilies, which at this point is quite bedraggled, suggesting that she is living more in the past than in the present; but this may be necessary in order to help her move forward
  • returning to a place that holds happy memories (Psyche is sitting on the rock where she first encountered Eros)
  • realization that the material things aren’t what’s important – instead it’s the person who was important

The keyword/phrase I came up with doing my workbook exercises on 16 Nov 91 was "past reflection/future potential".



The Six of Cups to me is about regret and longing for things lost. The lost is of ones own making. She sits and waits for him to return but to get back what she lost she has to take action.

She is lost in the memories/emotions while time is passing by. The flower are dying but she can not see that. She keeps everything as it was when he left so that he can return as if no time had passed. She remains stagnant while he has moved on and is experiencing new things and people.

How long will she sit there before she realizes he is not coming back?


Mythic Tarot Six of Cups

Importantly, the young lady is sitting alone on a rock by the great ocean, with the sky covered with turbulent gray clouds, the sun hidden behind. She seems paralyzed between hopeless past and hopeful future, looking into the cup for guidance. This is a symbolic picture of brooding and seeking.