Mythic Tarot - Six Pentacles


Daedelus kneels in supplication before King Minos, who holds up six pentacles as promise of future patronage. The walls behind them are decorated with friezes of bull dancers bordered by grape-laden vines.

  • harmony
  • renewal of faith in oneself through the generosity or charity of others
  • benevolence
  • can also refer to generosity that arises from within the individual who discovers that they can give without conditions even though they have suffered reversals and losses
  • good fortune that crosses one’s path, often when one is at their lowest
  • a new cycle begins due to a stroke of good fortune in the form of kindness or generosity, one’s own or another’s
  • assistance when it’s most needed, partly through fortunate circumstances and partly through one’s own efforts
  • a windfall or finances becoming available at just the appropriate time
  • an opportunity for material rewards to be shared with others
Random Thoughts
  • the need to grab the bull by the horns
  • a warning against being a “bull in a China shop”
  • no good deed goes unpunished
  • the haves and have-nots
  • redemption
  • the need for a background check, or “be careful who you associate with”

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "benevolence".