Mythic Tarot - Six Wands


Jason holds the captured Golden Fleece up in triumph as his Argonauts, each bearing a flaming wand aloft, cheer in the background.

  • an experience of triumph, recognition by others and public acclaim
  • validation from the collective for one’s efforts
  • public success that can be recognized and appreciated by others, not a personal sense of satisfaction
  • a peak in creative life
  • this isn’t success forevermore because with achievement comes a new phase of hard work to keep what one has gained
Random Thoughts
  • Metaphors/Proverbs:
    • “the only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary” means that nobody succeeds without first making an effort
    • “success has many fathers while failure is an orphan” means that everyone wants to take credit for success, but nobody will take responsibility for failure
    • “success is never final” means that one can’t afford to relax their efforts after a great achievement, instead needing to keep working to maintain or improve their position
  • the Argonauts as “yes men”

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14 Mar 92 was "public success".