Mythic Tarot Study Group: The Star


Here we see pandora opening the box. Even without reading the discription of this card - pandora opening the box was the first thing that crept into my mind.

Pandora looks distraught in this image - then when she opens the box and sees the star, her hope and spirit for life is renewed in a way. She has faith in the universe again.

The star is so bright that she can not help but look at it, and see that there is light at the end of the tunnle.

Just my thoughts. What do you think? agree? dissagree?

Free Flight

I see her opening the box and just in awe at the star that is arising. I see an angel within the star which to me always symbolises the guardians that watch over us. There is a rainbow as well which to me means brighter times ahead...It is a lovely image the angel within this star. Then you have the reflection of the star in the pond beside pandora's feet. In the reflection you see merely the star and that is all. no rainbow, no angel and to me this represents that we may see the brighter times but we often dont see the spirituality behind events..the lessons, the angels, the guidance and the brighter future that awaits us.

then on the other side:

I always wonder about the other flying creatures that have been released at the same time. At the bottom of the
?swarm? where it is thickest as it leaves the box, it looks to me like a swarm of locusts or some such devastating and not so nice flying pests..then at the top of the swarm you can see dragonflies, bees, even a spider..Whats with that? Is by opening the box she is releasing negative things around her or are they symbolic of the negative things always there....To me this is strange as the Star is such a positive card and then you have the icky insects! of life there as well...Any ideas?

Maybe symbolic that all creatures are equal?
or that with good comes bad?

I dont know??


Oh man, FF, I didn't even notice the pond LOL.

I was going to mention the angel too, but was in a bit of a hurry at the time. I think that it is symbolic of spirit guides and such things too. There is always someone guiding us through life.

As for the insects (ewww) I have to agree. I think that with good comes bad... but who's to say these insects ARE bad? LOL I hate insects cos they are yucky - i freak out when i am near anything creapy crawly - but some people respect all animals/insects.

But to me the insects do represent that the world will never be rid of evil or bad energy. I think it is up to pandora to focuss on the star and remember that the angels will guide her down the right path in life and hopefully avoid the dangers that are so close.


When i saw this card i really got the hope message and there is always potential for good no matter how bad the situation. It can't get much worse for the girl. Sitting naked sourronded by enouigh bugs to destroy a countries worth of food and kill thousands and they keep comming. But the angel shines bright to give so much hope


Lukedra you've hit the nail on the head there!


Hmm, synchronicity.
Yep, its me again!
I started this group, but then went quiet. Can't promise any more than that, because sometimes Tarot interests me and sometimes...well, I have other interests as well.

Then...what's this? - I post an image of the Star at another forum (non Tarot), and then come here and find its just been posted and discussed here.

Its a nice card, light in the darkness, although like you say there's some negative stuff there too: creepy crawly nasties, and such. I guess its just a simple meaning, that theres no such thing as just light, or just dark, but always a bit of both. The pretty damsel is also gazing directly at the angel, not noticing the flurry of nasties. The angel is in the distance, whereas the nasties are close up, suggesting you need to look ahead into the future, not in the immediate present.

Sheesh, does that sum up the meaning of my 'synchronicity'? Not really. Its just a nice card to gaze at, meditate on if you will; making you feel better.


Somewhere along the line.....I remember reading a varient on the traditional story ending (that Zeus put Hope in the bottom of the jar so that despite all the horrors unleashed, Man would still have Hope ) that Hope was perhaps the most insidious "pest" of all, tugging at man to persevere and believe when the situation was doomed ("false hope")

I would suggest that perhaps Hope has a dual nature - to sustain one through hardships and to delude. It is up to the indivdual to be able to distinguish between the two.

A quote from Rumi sums it up:
“God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.”

crazy raven


The 'bugs' flying out of Pandora's chest are dragonflys, beautiful creatures when seen in the daylight and vivid with colour.

Quoted from Animal Magick re: dragonflys

A key to my dreams, an eye for the truth,
an ear open to spirit for messages bold
Will breakdown illusions and transform my life
So I remake myself in a positive mold

When dragonflys appear in your life - change is coming.


Hi all,

I just received this deck from a fellow ATF member as a birthday present, though I've had the workbook for now I feel as though the missing piece of the puzzle has been put in place.

Mind you, I've only really just thumbed through the cards quickly. Anyhow, this thread caught my eye so I thought I'd join in. Please keep in mind that I've not read any text that accompanies this card, either from the LWB or the workbook.

What makes everybody think that it's a bad thing to release the insects? Every "thing" in the Universe has a purpose and every "thing" has the same right to exist.

This woman was setting free these lovely insects so that they could go and fulfill their destiny. She has performed a wonderful act of kindness and in return, she has been visited by an Angel (that's assuming the Angel appeared after the box was opened, and not before).

She seems very comfortable with her nakedness which brings her close to nature, and I feel she is happy to have released the insects.

with love


I find that the little bright girl is more an dancer. But I like to see the myth of Pandora in that light, for the star card. Even in the worst moment, there is something holding on: hopes, wishes, goals. All that can be illusion and can be false but it help keep the moral during hardship.