Mythic Tarot - Three Wands


The usurper Pelias kneels before Jason, offering him the crown which he has unlawfully stolen. Jason stands triumphantly holding three flaming wands in his right hand as he reaches for the crown with his left. Having just crossed the river behind him, he lost a sandal, fulfilling an oracle’s prophesy that Pelias should beware of a man with one sandal.

  • completion of the original creative idea; accomplishment
  • one arrives at what they thought would be the end only to find that the end is actually the beginning of larger and more exciting
  • new possibilities are raised, which had not previously been apparent
  • new ideas emerge, requiring delays, changing of plans and more effort than had originally been anticipated
  • a new challenge that inspires one
  • the potential for a new adventure overshadows the successful achievement of the initial goal
  • a high point has been achieved, although it is not the pinnacle
Random Thoughts
  • fear causing one to do what’s right
  • cleverness in appearing to do the right thing while actually using subterfuge to get around doing the right thing
  • one must be able to differentiate between initial completion and final outcome or else one may not be all they can be/achieve all that they can achieve
  • anything worth doing is worth doing well
  • success that comes easily leaves one ready to jump at new opportunities
  • beware of accepting at face value the words of those in whose best interest it is for you to be out of the picture

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 28 Nov 91 was "initial completion which leads to new possibilities".