Mythic Tarot - Two Pentacles


Daedelus stands before his workbench, which is supported by two large pentacles and upon which are laid the tools of his trade. He holds up two of his inventions, the axe and saw. A trellis laden with grape vines stands before him.

  • development of skills and reputation
  • applying ingenuity toward new inventions, investing effort in new projects, keeping oneself busy and active and willingness to try several things at once
  • flexibility to be open to new ideas and to take risks to utilize one’s talents
  • flow of creative energy into multiple projects
  • the drive for material creation has been grounded and channeled
  • “Money makes money” means that it’s necessary to take risks and use capital so that it can work to produce more money
  • the need to juggle and shift resources in a way that others may see as being unnecessarily risky and anxiety-provoking
  • promise of rewards because creative energy is put to work
  • there may be a need to “borrow from Peter to pay Paul”
  • optimism and enthusiasm that balances out anxieties about financial affairs
  • perfecting one’s craft, diversifying and learning new skills
  • the necessity of trying different approaches and changing methods that don’t work
  • a time of adaptability and patience
  • risks must be undertaken at the same time that opportunities are taken advantage of when they arise
  • creative use of all the materials at one’s disposal
Random Thoughts
  • inventiveness and creativity
  • results of hard work
  • pride of accomplishment
  • the grape vines suggest fruits (results) to be born and growth to come

Keyword/phrase from my workbook on 14Mar92 was "change and fluctuation".