Mythic Tarot - Wheel of Fortune


The Moirai, also known as the Fates, are gathered in a cave around a spinning wheel. One spins thread from a golden needle while the second measures a length of thread between her hands and the third holds a pair of cutting shears. Four human figures in different positions are seen on the wheel. Outside of the cave, a rich green landscape is visible.

  • the womb from which life springs and the tomb to which life returns – the beginning and end of fate
  • the place of union of the Self and the ego
  • metaphor for the material world
  • the primitive part of the self or subconscious
  • “to cave-in” is to collapse or disintegrate or to acquiesce
  • represents the weaving of body tissues in the womb, suggesting that fate is bound up with heredity and with the body itself
  • continuity in space and time, linkage, destiny
  • human destiny
  • fate, spun and woven by a divine power
  • that which binds the universe together and from which the universe is woven
  • represent the lunar phases (young crescent, full and dark) as well as the three stages of human life
  • Clotho is the spinner, Lachesis is the measurer and Atropos is the cutter
  • they wove the thread of a human life, and once an individual’s destiny was woven, it couldn’t be altered, even by the gods
  • the length of one’s life and the time of one’s death were allotted by the Fates
  • those who tried to challenge fate were afflicted with hubris, or arrogance in the face of the gods
  • image of the deep and mysterious inner law that seems to precipitate sudden changes of fortune
  • the four figures on the Wheel represent the different experiences of fortune: the man at the top has been catapulted to success while the man on the bottom has been broken by the outward manifestation of some mysterious pattern at work, the man on the right has begun his climb and the man on the left has begun his descent
  • the Moirai are within us and represent the intelligent and orderly plan behind the apparently random changes in life
The Wheel
  • its intelligent movement is the destiny we carry within us
  • it is an experience of the “Other” within that is normally projected onto the outside world so that changes of fortune can be blamed on someone or something else
  • the moving rim represents one’s every day life while the hub, which remains still at the center, is a constant and unchanging essence or source; the hub is the hidden Self which causes one to move toward situations, events, paths and people
  • an encounter with that which shakes one from their complacency and their illusion of control
  • herald of a profound inner journey through which one comes to terms with their destiny
  • “the wheel comes full circle” means that things eventually reach a situation resembling that from which they began
  • “the wheel of fortune is forever in motion” means that people’s fortunes are constantly changing[/list

I believe there's actually an error in the picture for this card. The Maiden is supposed to be the spinner and the Mother is supposed to be the measurer. But the one who appears to be measuring looks like the daughter and the one who appears to hold the spun thread looks like the mother.

Written in my workbook on 13 Aug 91:

The Wheel is the clearness of mind, thought and purpose which is needed to get through life. The figures on the Wheel represent happiness, fear, death and growth (counterclockwise from top). Life is woven with the yarn of truth and cut with permanence. The Moirai themselves represent growth, fear and death. The cave represents the strength needed to deal with the turn of the Wheel. Outside the cave is the clarity of vision which one will need to guide one through life.

My key color is black (stealth, energy, strength, self-assurance).