Name That Tune!

diane drizzy

Easy- just match a card with a song

Lucy in th Sky With Diamonds-by The Maiden

All Shook Up- by The Topsie Turvets

Born to be Wild-by Epon's Wild Daughter

(Oh Man! My age is starting to show)!


wake me up inside ~ Dark Lady
Footloose ~ Flaff the Flooter
Girls just wanna have fun ~ Faerie who was kissed by the pixies


Penelope Dreamweaver - "Dreamweaver," of course!

(Sorry I couldn't help myself....)

Wisp Wings

Great exercise Diane! As soon as I start reading this I was hearing Ta'Om telling me to post his. He said for him it's "Simon and Garfunkle's, 'I Am A Rock' ".

Then I one I feel is right is The Dark Lady being The Eagles song, "Witchy Woman".


Take a walk on the wildside .... The Journeyman of course :p

diane drizzy

Ok here's more---

Honesty is Such a Lonely Word-by Honesty

Black Magic Woman-by The Dark Lady

You Light Up My Life- The Maiden

Makin' Friends-by The Friends

Leaving on a Jet Plane-by The Journeyman

Twist and Shout-by The Topsie Turvets

September Pixie

So, Kiss Me - The Faerie That Was Kissed By The Pixies