Names of deceased ones coming to my mind as a slap on my face.


If any medium read this, maybe can help, I'm a bit confused.
The name of a deceased classmate, a girl with who I never had any frienship at all, came to my mind like a slap on my face in the middle of one meditation.
As this has happened several times during the last 5 or 6 years, I asked to someone with high magical knowledges, and told me that maybe she was looking for some help to cross and go through the light.

I made what they recommend me, put a light, open the west doors, and everything was confirmed by a couple of tarot readings.

After that, everything ok, nothing happened.

Today I was at work, and suddenly, again a slap on my face. A name and a surname came to my mind. Is a very strange feeling. Is like if your mind stops thinking for seconds, and something comes. I was shocked when the familyname came to my mind. It was an ex-boy friend of my mother who passed away in a tragical accident.

I wasn't completely sure about who was him untill I asked my mother, and I almost started to cry. I got nervous. I met him when I was very young, about 9 or so, and now, I was even unable to remember his name, so is really strange that suddenly, I am able to remember his name, and also his surname.... it's really strange....

I don't know if its again someone who wants to pass a message, or needs a light, or what can it be. I don't know if it's only that I am getting nuts.

My mother is actually getting divorced from her partner, and I don't know if the mind is tricky and dropped this name on my mind to bug me, even I wasn't able to remember name and familyname, or if this being is here to talk to me.

Later I will make a tarot reading, but before I would like to know what your opinion are, if I'm getting nuts, or is just a mental trick.

Thanks a lot.


Nah ... you are not going nuts. The mind does all sorts of things. We all have memories and peoples names and little events that seem to arise for no reason at all (especially during meditation ... or at work, if one is bored at work the mind can wander and go 'introspective').

The thing to do with these things that arise and surface from the mind or deep memory is to just witness them ... acknowledge it, dont suppress it ... let it float up out of your mind, witness it, and let it float off, up into a clear blue sky, like a balloon. Allow it to rise and clear your mind.

If it does have something to do with a 'spirit' or contact .... they will let you know with a more sure way, than just putting an idea in your mind.

And it doesnt mean you are nuts ... its quiet normal for us to all of a sudden have memories arise from seemingly nowhere, for no reason. ... Poor old mind - its a muddle in there .


Perhaps you really are a channel and have never realized it before .... or much more sensitive to this type of event than you previously thought.