Nature's Whispers Oracle by Angela Harfield.

Glass Owl

I had a look at her Whispers of Love deck a while ago and it didn't appeal to me at all - but this one is quite different!

Me too! I nearly past this deck by because I had seen some of the card images from her earlier deck and didn't feel a connection to them. But I love this deck's energy, I'm glad that I took a chance on Nature's Whispers.

Scarlet Woodland

Received my copy today and wow... just wow. So happy with the borderless cards and the cardstock is delicious. As for the images, perhaps its my ageing eyesight haha, but the online images just did not do this deck justice. Love love love it :)



i just received this deck within the past hour...
Wow, i am completely blown away by the vibrant beauty!

Also, i was very happily surprised that this deck is matte and comes
in a beautiful sturdy lidded box, and the deck and booklet fit perfectly--
quite unusual [in my experience] for Blue Angel Publishers. i have several of their
decks and they are all great cardstock, but glossy. And they come in a wonderful
sturdy lidded box, but with lots of extra room. Which is okay, because it allows for
wrapping the deck and/or keeping crystals with the deck, etc.

But i DO especially LOVE the Nature's Whispers matte cardstock and fitted box.


Just wondering how you guys find the deck as i have heard the book wasnt well written.