(Nearly) Free Dr Papus Deck


So nice to see so many promises of a good home. And thank you, illyria, I am please you like your copy. And thank you, Yves, but really it seems the only thing to do. :)

I will let this offer go another few days then I will announce the new home. I have also posted this on my fb page so there are a few others who are interested as well.


Please add my name :)


Please add my name too!
Thank you


Congratulations, Harmony Rose! :) :) :)

A friend visiting from out of state just picked your name from the hat so you are to give this injured deck a new home. I hope it works well for you.

Kindly contact me through my email contact at my web store so it can find its way to you.

Harmony Rose

Wonderful News!!

I am very excited to give the deck a good home. I am beyond myself with excitement to get to know this deck-especially because it has seen a thing or two in it's life and lived to tell, haha! Please say hello and thank you to your friend for me!


congrats! :D

Harmony Rose

Thank you, h3ll0k1tt33

Yves Le Marseillais

Bravo Harmony Rose !

It was a pleasure to participate.

Thanks to this happy forumer who had this good idea.

Salutations from Marseille City
Old €urope


Harmony Rose

Cheers, Yves


Yay!! Congratulations