Need a spread for specific issue, advise?


The spread would need to help get to the root of why a person always feels disrespected on a regular basis.

Thank you.


You could try making your own spread. For instance - if your questions are why this is happening and what they could do differently you could try drawing 2-3 cards for each of those questions.
Perhaps there are other additional questions, such as the history of this, or where it might be heading. Those would become card positions as well.


What about :

1. What is the person doing that hurts the situation? (as in what are they doing to make other's think it is ok to disrespect them).

2. What would help the person change it? (someone or something that could help the person's situation).

3. What is the best course of action? (What can the person do to help stop, and prevent further disrespect).

This is similar to what AnemoneRosie said, but just set in a "hurt, help, action" sort of frame which could get some insight on things. These could be one card for each number, or you could pull 3 cards if you would like a little more information to deal with. Even if you pull one card at first, if that doesn't help then you can pull two clarifying cards for each one (giving you three in total).


Great suggestions.

It is appreciated. I will try them out tonight. Happy full moon blessings :D


I would make it a little more generic, because it could be that they are not, in fact, being disrespected. It could be that their perceptions are off or they are bringing some inaccurate expectations or beliefs into their lives.

1. Core of the problem - what is really going on?
2. What is necessary to improve or correct the situation?
3. What specific actions should the querant take?


Hi gorgeous,

like others' said, the spread might need to explore the possibility there is or there is no disrespect, it can just be a perception. Try these questions?

1. What is the core of this matter?
2. What really happens that makes person A feel disrespected?
3. Why does A feel disrespected by this?
4. What are people around A really trying to do or achieve when they make A feel disrespected?
5. How could A address this problem?
6. The most likely outcome if no action is taken?
7. The most likely outcome if action is taken?