Need help choosing spread for interview

Charlie Brown

Hi everybody,

I have a friend who has an important job interview coming up and she has asked me for a reading. I'm looking for help in choosing a spread. Since this is related to a specific event and not a career path as such, most of the job spreads I found online didn't really seem applicable.

I'm not very advanced, so something between 4 and 7 cards is probably best. Mostly, I do three card readings and had a super successful 5 card horseshoe a week ago.

Thanks so much for any help you can give.



Welcome to Aeclectic, Charlie Brown!

Did you check the TAROT SPREADS INDEX at the top of this forum? There are a number of Job Interview spreads listed in this post in the index.


Charlie Brown

No, I didn't. I'm new and wasn't aware of that feature. Thanks for the tip.