need help interpreting


For the past two weeks i have been seeing a red shouldered hawk flying around my house. This is unusual because we've never had hawks here in the area. One of my totum spirits is a hawk named Victor. Yesterday the hawk flew right onto the railing in front of my house and stayed there for a minute watching me. Then it flew away. And i saw it again this morning. I've been going through a really hard time mentally and emotionally. I'm dealing with getting out of an abusive relationship. It's been very hard because i was very much in love with the man. I keep feeling like the hawk is sending me a message but no matter how much i meditate and scry for answers, I'm not getting any. Can someone please help? Anything would be very much appreciated.


The hawk is showing himself to let you know you're not alone. I know the pain of loving someone who is not good for you (I loved an alcoholic). Leaving him broke my heart. But in the time that followed I healed things within me that were broken before him. The hawk will guide you through this even when you don't see him. Be brave. Good things come when you free yourself of such relationships. Also being Native, we see hawks (and other certain birds) in these situations.


Thank you. That does make sense. I need all the support i can get right now so I'm glad he's around.