Need help of using the Arthurian Tarot!


Hi! My sister got me the Arthurian Tarot pack for christmas and I am very puzzled as to know how to 'do it'.
I read the book but am still puzzled...
Does anyone know anything about the Arthurian Tarot so they may explain (in english and very basic) how to do it step by step?
I would be very grateful!!!!
I have been read to a number of times but this is the first time i have done it myself!
Thank you


are you familiar with the legends of king arthur? if you are that should make it easier for you. if you aren't then it's no wonder the cards aren't making a lot of sense to you. this is a "theme" deck. the meanings of the cards evolve around your understanding of the arthurian legends. be patient w/ yourself and allow yourself time to learn the cards. do you have any tarot decks other than this that you could compare and contrast this one against? the robin wood or rider waite smith might be easier for you until you have more tarot experience.



The Arthurian Tarot was my first deck of cards (up to 15 now!) & I have to admit it was the hardest for me to learn, even with a strong knowledge of Arthurian legend & related Celtic myth. However, it is still one of my favourite decks to work with.

The Matthews have released two further books on this tarot, one is called Hallowquest, and the the other is The Arthurian Tarot Course. I have the latter, and although it is a year long course of discovering the cards & how they can be used to restore wholeness to yourself, the end result is also a deeper understanding of the cards. I would reccomend buying it, and also learning some of the stories behind the cards (look in the further reading section of the book). But just like any deck, using meditation & story telling etc with your cards will enhance your connection with them.