Need help with a reading


Hi I did a Celtic cross for the reading ..
Card 1- situation six of swords
Card 2- crossing the star
Card 3 - subconscious 5 wands
Card 4- recent past the magician
Card 5- what lies above the devil
Card 6- near future six of W a NDS
Card 7- the client nine of cups
Card 8- environment six of cups
Card 9- hopes fears advice 7 cups
Card 10 outcome ten of pentacles

Im not sure i I have the right take on this reading at the beginning I assumed she was in a controlling relationship , but toward the end I felt that it may be her who is doing the controlling?? And maybe that's what she wants,,, I tried to move out of judgemental role as I'm just the tarot reader and her question was "where so you see our relationship going? " well I do see it moving forward but not sure if it's in her best interest if she is the one being controlled...

The issue 6 swords and the star, I'm thinking she is wanting to move away from troubled times and the star may mean she is wishing for something that might not be real, like having a false hope that things will get better,
The magician in the past and devil in conscious now (what you are aware of) position makes me think that this guy is a bit of a trickster and not as wonderful as she thinks he is. The devil makes me think she's under his spell and maybe she's in a controlling relationship, (but then later you could flip this meaning to being her as the trickster?
But then with the devil,we also have the nine of cups in the position representing her, so these two cards combine could indicate she has a problem with alcohol? Or on its own just in the wish card, -what she wants is what she gets as indicated by the 6 of wands in near future. .??

The five of wands has me stumped- it's the subconscious - she may not be aware of. But it's the card of fighting , does this mean she is not aware of how much conflict they have? Or perhaps she is having an inner conflict- she knows the relationship is not what she wants, but keeps arguing with herself that things will get better. When you match this five of wands with the devil (what she is aware of) does this mean she is in denial then??
Immediate future 6of wands, so she may get what she wants , but I see this position as what's coming to her and doesn't always mean it's permanent, so he may say yes let's move forward and get over the fighting but then things may revert back to old ways.
Past magician, present 6 swords, immediate future six of wands - she met him and he dazzled her with magic, things got a little rocky and she wants to move past them, but she gets what she wants possibly a more permanent relationship or the passing of the sorrow and conflict in the subconscious.
Subconscious 5 of wands and conscious the devil- there's been conflict - either self conflict or conflict with her partner - but consciously she is aware that the relationship is somehow not the best for her- wether it's from either one wanting to be in control, or just the fact that it's not a healthy relationship.
Her 9cups, environment 6 of cups, hopesfears 7 cups
She is the wish card, she will get what she wants/ but is she living in the past , hoping things will go back to the way they were when the relationship started but is he the little man walking away in the6cups ?/ is what she is hoping for an illusion in 7 cups, is she not seeing the real picture just living in a dream world ? So she need to stay grounded and focus on what's real and not what she hopes to one day become real? This card too can indicate escaping with alcohol .
And then the outcome card. 10 pentacles. I thought this meant that she will get what she wants and the relationship will move forward to something more permanent , but being pentacles does it mean that it is more for security rather than romance? But that security could be what she wants, needs.
As an outcome if she is on a controlling relationship , this doesn't look good as the man seems to be surrounded by the money whike she is distanced from him with the children...
but could be the answer She wants , if she is the magician and the devil
How do I know if she is the devil? , is the magician in the past her? Is that why the 6 of wands is in the near future , she has got her prize ? That too would make sense. As you can see I'm a little confused .


I forgot to put the querants question "what is the direction of my current relationship ?"