Neko Divination Decks


I am in the process of illustrating a few tarot decks and will probably just post them all here following the example of others here.

Would love to get some feedback on a compiled deck I just released/shared with others on my site. It is from public domain artwork from the 1700 and 1800's. I loved gathering/matching the images and absolutely love reading with it which is to be expected, wondering if others find it readable as well.

Attached a few photos.


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I am not an artist myself, but I truly love this particular style of artwork. It is similar to Tarot of Delphi and Waterhouse Oracle, though your decks have a different and refreshing take on the images, and include new images I am not familiar with. Really, I can't get enough of this particular style of tarot art! Love it!

As for readability, I find this particular art style to be especially conducive to intuitive readings. So easy to get the imagination flowing!


I LOVE this. I love art compilation decks, but they seem to often have big orders and distracting type. This, borderless, with just the art and unobtrusive text? Yes, please!


Thank you so much both for responding and the compliments =D I agree about the imagination flowing, allows for a much broader interpretation possibilities.

Yes borderless was a must for me and I like the text to not be annoying =)