Nelys the Alchemyst (27).....


I did a search and couldn't find any threads on this card, so I am beginning one myself!

I recently became connected again with the Fae energy and didn't realise how important it was in my life until I got it back, sometimes you have to have that happen to appreciate.

Part of getting this energy back is about exploring new things, places, people and I love where I work (I work once a week and twice every second week, make sense?), but I want to drop the secong Saturday and do my own thing.

My work is a beautiful and supportive enviroment, but very much about them (the business) which is fine, but I am ready to start more of my own business.

Gosh this is turning into a real rant, apologies!

So I thought I might ditch the Saturday in favour of getting a stall at an Artists Market where I can read and sell my beautiful Hand Made Moon Soaps (will be on my website that's nearly ready) which I have spent all Winter making and now there's loads and to promote my workshops for next year (and the Tarot Conference, of course!)

But not just the above, have some fun, do my own thing, be my own boss, meet new people and have a laugh, does that make sense? If you have made it this far through my post, then thank you!

So I pulled a card from the Faeries Orcale (what other deck would you use re: markets?) and got:

Nelys the Alchemyst

I don't think we have ever met properly before, but she is so beautiful and who is that in the right-hand bottom corner? I find it interesting that her 'aura' is the color I work with and will have my stall covered with at the market.

Don't think I will be showing my bum though, LOL!!!!

There's someting very peaceful about this card, electric and illuminating. She stands so still and also looks as though she could jump into action any minute.

Anyone have any stories or insights with this card? :)


Nelys is gorgeous, isn't she?

Nelys comes to me when I'm feeling inspired, much like your own business inspiration, TA. She also came to once for a henna festival when I did nothing all day but sit on my butt (hence the cheek). :)

I feel when Nelys appears, she is a blessing. A tap from her wand is like being shaken awake by one's Muse. Alchemy, Froud discusses, to Fae is a bit different than we might think of it.

For example, song is consider a grand alchemy by Fae. The ability to take air and mix it with earth (the voice box, our body) to become something else, music. Vibration. Energy.

Nelys is about sparking that life inside yourself. Raise your vibrations. Perhaps, raise your voice and sing with her, and remember that even a simple song is magic to the Fae.


Nely's message is....even in the best of situations you can feel stuck and stagnant if your own creative energy isn't allowed free rein.
She'll get you going alright and is the perfect card for starting something new.
But remember with Nely's the vision of how and what it will be like in your own head, will always be different than the actual experience.
She'll always give you what you need, but rarely ever what you expect.

Oh, and she says showing your bum is for faeries not angels.
So phewww! You got out of that one alright.


Alissa said:

I feel when Nelys appears, she is a blessing. A tap from her wand is like being shaken awake by one's Muse. Alchemy, Froud discusses, to Fae is a bit different than we might think of it.
Thanks Alissa, I really like what you have written, you are such a Fae girl ;)


lark said:

Oh, and she says showing your bum is for faeries not angels.
So phewww! You got out of that one alright.
Phew lucky for me lark :laugh: Could have been very embarrassing....


boy, I really wish I had my own computer again(instead of stealing time at the library) because I would love to really expound on the virtues of Nelys.

What a gift she is...

(it also doesn't hurt that she narrowly lost out to the Rarr as being my original favorite card. I think she is hauntingly beautiful!)

Right now, there is that periodic shift in energy around me, that grabs me by the hand and tries hard to get me to go with not be stagnant...but to let go and coast with the sparkling electric current that I can feel around my being...

Strangely (or not) this always seems to occur around Halloween. :D

This build up of energy is all in Nelys alchemical realm of transformation...I feel right now like she is looking at all my lead parts (the ones that keep me grounded, and tired all the time)and trying to figure out how to transform them into I can fly again.

She continues to come up in every reading, (and not just in the FO...she has been making appearances in opther decks too!) and she continues to be a presence in my daily life, in my dreams and in my work....building up all t hat energy...which very very soon...will need to explode, I think...

I just hope the fireworks display will be just as marvelous for all the onlookers...because I feel this change comming on...
whether I am ready for it or not.

And Nelys is NOT subtle.


Nelys has always spoke to me about getting priorities in order to be able to achieve my current goals. I always see her as my "school counselor" saying "ok, in order to achieve this, you first need to go here, here and here, then you can make it to this step" and she illuminates the path with the tip of her wand using it as a pointer to direct my sight to the path we've created together. She is gentle but there is a sense of strictness in her as well, the gentle authority figure, the loving but firm mother type, she'll be hard on you but for your own good, but never "too" hard.



I see a female teacher. She proudly earned her wand and crown. The crown is unlike any other in teh deck, more like a constructed thing, a physical crown.
To me she is a temporary teacher, she's only in your life long enough to teach you what you need, then she is off.