(Neo-)Latin names for the trumps


- Magus (which of course gives a RWS rather than a traditional meaning)

Folengo (1521) describes the acorn player Bocalus as 'playing as magicians do' (ludentem secum more magatellantis):

In aliam quoque bandam in urna vel potius in maximo botazzo prosam istam vidimus inscriptam vino, ut ab odoratu pensari poterat:

Nec in coelo gratia nec in inferno poena datur
bofonibus, hic ergo vivam Bocalus.

Obstupefacti pro huiusmodi epitaphio deliberamus evolvere petram instar cocaii stopantem os urnae: quo facto, cernimus en hominem magrefactum, barbatumque usque ad umbilicum, et insuper ludentem secum more magatellantis cum gallis, bechiris, nonnullisque frasculis.

In another area we found this writing written on an urn, or rather on a huge bottle of wine, judging by the smell of it:

Neither the grace of heaven nor the pain of hell is granted to buffoons, therefore I, Bocalus, live here.

Stupified by such an epitaph, we decided to roll away the rock that was stopping the mouth of the urn like a cork: when this is done, we discern a scrawny man, with a beard down to his navel, and he was playing as magicians do with acorns, cups and little sticks.