New-Age fluff or ???


I wholly agree, and that phrase sounds familiar, where is it from?
It's a bit of Zen wisdom:
"Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water."
In other words, spiritual life doesn't mean you get to spend all your time on pink clouds (or in copper pyramids :p) - you still have to do the work.
(Canid, I am glad your sister is okay.:heart:)


anyone asking me how to pursue spirituality would probably get the answer to volunteer in a soup kitchen first, and then ask questions about how the world works.
On the one hand people don't let what they learn in, on the other they fail to see the larger implications of what they study/preach, and, if I may, if people try to point that out, it is called "politics" and shushed up. If you are a big lump of light connected to the Goddess Nuit and the everlasting unicorns of the past lives of the shamans of the archangels, how can you not invite that homeless man to eat; or give up luxuries because for others it could mean life or death (and usually does); or buy products knowing full well the working conditions of the workers?
Yes, yes, and yes! This is exactly why I can't separate my politics and my spirituality.

Of course, as a white, able-bodied, well-educated citizen of one of the richest countries in the world, I still continue to have my own blind spots (because if you don't make an effort, privilege can be damn hard to even notice if you have always had it!), but I try to see more of them. And then I live with the gap between what I know I could do and what I actually do and try to narrow it, step by little step, working to bring a little more justice/fairness into the world. And yes, that is both a spiritual and a political act for me.