New-Age fluff or ???


That one is No 2 on my list.

Mine too. Perhaps that film with Eddie Murphey in the 80's 'The Golden Child' is to blame, everyone wants their little darling to be the messiah now.

"He's not the messiah, he's a naughty boy". (Life of Brian)


The fluffiest of the New Age Fluff is Doreen Virtue. Reading the guidebook to the Magical Unicorns Oracle left me speechless. The introduction to the book says "all the words and images in these cards are positive, because unicorns are always positive." I honestly thought she was exaggerating, but every single bloody card had a happy-happy message. There is even a card titled "true" and another titled "definitely yes". How can you have a True without a False, or a Yes without a No? Sometimes a person needs to hear the word no.

The other thing that really bugs me is all these "new" crystals being discovered. Aren't the hundreds of minerals in the world enough, without having to invent new ones?

Today a local metaphysical shop posted on Facebook that they had received a shipment of Merlinite and another of Super Seven.

A quick google tells me that Merlinite is "a variety of Dendritic Opal... and sometimes has an opalescent sheen. It may contain a blend of white quartz, black dendritic inclusions Dendritic Opal and black Psilomelane... depending on the individual stone."

Super Seven (also known as Sacred Seven) is even more bizarre. According to several metaphysical websites, these stones "are very different to normal stones... as embodied within them are the energies of seven different stones. It is not always possible to see the evidence of their presence within the crystals... as they are often extremely small particles within the crystals." This one stone contains the "energies" of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite and Smokey Quartz Crystal.

A little more digging under yet another name for the mineral "Melody's Stone" found this: "A Mixture Of: Amethyst, Goethite, Hematite, Quartz, Rutile, Smoky Quartz. An impure quartz with various inclusions that has been marketed on the internet by various new-age scam artists with the usual ridiculous claims of psychic abilities and magical crystal healing powers. In reality, it's just a low-grade piece of coloured quartz.

The name 'Super Seven' is often applied to this, in reference to the seven supposed components, but probably also because it is the name of a popular Canadian Lottery. The hawkers of this material may allege that cacoxenite and lepidocrocite are among the components, but they are in reality never present."

Hey, what's the difference between a rock, a mineral, and a crystal? A decimal place. Each.


You guys have already touched on almost everything I could think of. The thing that bugs me the most is that in some metaphysical classes I hear some gibberish that seems completely and totally ridiculous and behind me I hear a person totally in awe of this craziness saying, "Wow, Wow, WOWWWW". Even AFTER the free introductory seminar leads to asking for hundreds of your dollars to go through with whatever it is they are offering. Free will and all that, I guess if the person is so wowed they want to part with their dollars that's their thing-it must work for someone, but really? I 'm a pretty open minded person, but we all have to draw the line somewhere between reality and made up stuff

:( One of mine is :
Surround yourself with white light
- for protection....!!
Ad 3 fluffy angels, a sweet looking wolf and a pussycat with a pink bow......

Ifffff I surround myself with white light I am in a bubble, can't feel a thing
And my patient can not feel me either, just a bubble.....

For protection??
I do not need to be protected from my patients:
I need to be wiiiiiide open, for them, to feel them - fully feel their fear and terror surging through me and then ground that deeeeeeep into the belly of the living Earth.
I need to feel the "blue resistance" to my heat, that the cancer cells will put up.
I would be soooo glad, when I just feel the "yellow molasses -like" feeling of the chemo...... no blue dots anywhere.....

Mi-Shell I condensed your quote just for the sake of saving space and to point out that I am SO glad to hear you say that we need to be wide open and feel everything in order to be of any service. I say this every time people start going on about protection. You're the only one I've ever heard who thinks it, too :) (I can't do nearly the things you can do, but the concept is what's getting me.)

One that irks me is the concept of Indigo Children. :

I could go on and on about the Indigo children thing. There's a list, you know, and surely you or your child is an indigo if you can check off x number of things from the list...pfft- can't EVERYBODY check off X number of things on that list, aren't they just basic human nature? They were to me- I must be an Indigo too. haha.

Am I being judgemental? I don't mean to be, but all of this stuff seems to be the whole "follow the flock without thinking mentality" Isn't that what we were trying to get away from? People really do need to use their better judgement, and if you haven't got any, take along a friend to help you snap out of it.



The odd thing is - I have no badly behaved CHILD any more (and she was never actually badly behaved; but you ALWAYS ALWAYS had to explain "why" to her before she would co-operate with anything - right back to when she was very little - and if she thought it reasonable, she would go along with you, and if not she would carefully explain why she wouldn't...) - but when I read up all this Indigo stuff - well, she clearly was one.... DAMN all those apologies I had to make way back when...


(to her grandmother, when she was 8)
"May I take the dog for a walk ?"
"I'd rather you didn't."

Some time later:
"Where's M ?"
"I think she took the dog for a walk..."

Some more time later:
"I told you I would rather you didn't take the dog for a walk."
"Yes I know, but I thought about it and I decided I would more rather I did, so I did."

(To her credit, grandmother said it was a fair cop and laughed - and was more careful about phrasing.)

But - almost that EXACT scenario is written up in one of the Indigo books I read.



Any bandwagon is great for anyone looking for one. That includes benevolent unicorns and the DV angels that feature on every magazine at my hairdresser's. Every single nice thing reported in a life in those, DV PhD flies in and says an angel did it. This bugs me, as it encourages people to think no effort in life is needed, as the angels (unicorns, happy beetles, whatever) will take care of everything FOR you. There have even been threads here asking how to get the angels to get a new house, new job, new lover. And they have boiled down to "get the angels to do it for me so I can just lie back and wait".

That's dangerous and counterproductive. And very bad for you. IMHO.


One that irks me is the concept of Indigo Children. Every time some parent that has told me their child was an Indigo Child, it seemed like they were using it to justify all their kids' bad behavior. Like the kid's throwing a screaming tantrum on the floor of the health food store and the parent is all, "Oh, he just needs to let his energy out, it's because he's an Indigo Child, isn't he precious and special." :rolleyes:

And now they have "Crystal Children": :p

I'm wading through the new age fluff of the Celtic people. I know that these were tribes of people, not one group (sort of like the native tribes in America) and that theirs was an oral tradition. But there is some information out there about the art, about what others have written about them (though somewhat biased), etc. But so many books base their information on folks like Edward Williams (aka Iolo Morganwg) and such. For instance, Nigel Pennick's "Sacred World of the Celts:"
He has no references throughout this book, and writes as if everything is fact, but much of his information comes from sources such as Williams/Morganwg. I feel like everything I read I have to comb through with a fine-tooth comb. I don't mind speculation, as long as its stated as such. Just don't call it fact. :rolleyes:


Don't ever forget the Celestine Prophecy... :D


About this drawing things to you concept ... a friend of mine has some kind of systemic theory that our universe, striving for perfection and completion, needs to have all experiences possible and thus, everything that can happen, should and must happen, eventually. She then believes that a soul on its journey can choose which experiences to have for their next incarnation, and as these experiences per se are all equally valuable, there is no judgement when a soul picks its path ... Now, I don't buy into it because my idea of reincarnation is quite different, but in that context I can at least understand the "drawing" part - in a very broad sense of evolution and development, over many generations. To limit this to this world, this existence, is not acceptable for me.

Yeah, indigo children, big pet peeve...


The fluffiest of the New Age Fluff is Doreen Virtue. Reading the guidebook to the Magical Unicorns Oracle left me speechless.

Come on! You bought an oracle called The Magical Unicorns and were speechless it was empty fluff?:laugh:

The other thing that really bugs me is all these "new" crystals being discovered. Aren't the hundreds of minerals in the world enough, without having to invent new ones?

What concerns me about this is where are these minerals being mined? Many countries particularly African, which is the world's mineral resource, have been raped and colonised for their mineral rich land. Our mobile phones are run on a mineral from the Congo which is being kept in a brutal civil war by Western companies.

Then again, exploiting an indigenous people for its crystals to force feed rich Western nations New Age BS is hardly surprising:rolleyes:


For the record, it's fair to say that anything, be it Harry Potter, Charmed or some other mainstream 'story' that brings someone to reconsider their spiritual place in everything is worthwhile. If they carry on to learn and grow, weeding out the twee or the over-serious stuff, fine. If they turn around and say it's all tosh, fine. It is their choice.

I guess the point of this thread was to air our opinions a little (because we're all supposed to be so perfect by now that we can accept everything and have no opinions. . .) and to perhaps offer a little insight into how many, many of us have surfaced through the fluff and nonsense to find more solid ground upon which to balance ourselves. (There is light at the end of the tunnel)

I remember surrounding myself in an egg of white light. It did help at the time, it did help to make me feel more secure, whether unfounded or not. But the truth of the matter was that life is NOT safe, it's not meant to be. When I am strong and balanced in myself, I don't need a white egg around me, nor am I a chicken waiting to hatch!!! They say magic is all about intent and strength of mind. That is a conclusion which, more and more, seems to make sense to me. So if someone is being vile, I can put up a visualised barrier but perhaps, would it not be better for me to face that vileness and learn how to turn the situation around, even if it doesn't work or I get a slap for my trouble? Does that person not deserve to be acknowledged? Am I all that matters?

That leads me to the 2nd thing. Taking oneself too seriously. Oh yes, I have been on THAT podium before but only by a few harsh lessons did it start to sink in that although my self esteem is necessary, its NOT that important to others nor does it need to be because that is up to me. In fact quite,the opposite, THEY are important, just as important, equally so as is the land, the sea, the sky and everything inbetween.

If, without any historical evidence, self help books, seminars, workshops or dogma, IF it were possible to explore one's spiritual self in isolation of other peoples beliefs and influence, I wonder where it would lead? Would we need to have an Indigo child or call ourselves master of something?

I feel like a squirrel today . . . fluffy nut anyone?