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I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to my question so,

what is your favorite spread to use with the Fey? I don't want to use Celtic Cross and the Six Stars spread in the accompanying book isn't very clear to me. The Evening Star position in particular. It represents the future and what has passed? Those two things seem contradictory to me.



A favorite spread of mine

I often use the Triangle Spread as suggested by Julia Sharman-Burke in her books. It consists of two cards per side, six cards in all, with a seventh card in the middle. The triangle is a tool often used in many disciplines to diagram relationships and problems. This spread has several great advantages:

1) Start by thinking of it as a "doubled up" three card spread. Instead of one card you have two cards. The pair of cards can offer a more sophisticated and specific meaning compared to just one card.

2) Using a relationship question as an example, the bottom/first side of the triangle might represent (Card #1) How you view the relationship and (Card #2) What you would like the relationship to provide. The right side, working upward might represent (Card #3) What your partner saw in the relationship, and (Card #4) what your partner would like from the relationship in the future. The left side, working downward, might indicate (Card #5) what needs to be worked on for the relationship to work better and (Card #6) what resources the two of you have to help you progress. The center card is the overall influence over each of the other cards and helps to unify the reading.

3) Using Robert Place's energy flow methodology (you need to refer to his book for a good explanation of this), you can use the center card with each of the pairs of cards to see how the pair can work together or how the cards in each pair individual support the center card or work against each other.

Because of the spread's "three part" nature, it is extremely adaptable to a great number of reading issues. As such, it works extremely well with the Fey Tarot because no matter what the querent's question, you can use one card in each pair to point to positive directions to take -- this fits with the general concept behind the Fey's creation. Dave


I searched the forum for my spread on the fey card 9 of swords.
It seems to have disapeared or delited.
But here is my spread I've based on this card:

The way out/ Improvement


1. The knife.
The situation.

2. Your feelings about the situation.

3. The way out/ improvement
The way to get out of this situation or improve it.

I have the meanings written down in Dutch so the explanation might look different to those who saw it before.

Love and light


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thank you snowy and dadsnook! those are great and I will try them :)


I find that the Fey works best for me with small spreads - 3 or 5 cards usually.

The 5 card spread I use the most is a pentegram spread:




1. Situation
2. Challenge
3. Advice
4. Strengths / resources (who or what will help)
5. Probable outcome.

Love Sulis xx



I have found that Arwennightstar's fairy tale spread: mirror mirror
is excellent with the fey deck (sorry don't know how to do links to other threads!)
I have done a few for myself and others and they have worked really really well



3 card spread

I have found the basic 3 card spread, past-present-future to be very helpful for beginners. After you have got your feet wet, you might try Umbrae's Horseshoe, which is a wonderfully deep spread. Here's the link: BB, Michael


Hi tarobones, it says I don't have permission to view that page :(


dadateacher said:
Hi tarobones, it says I don't have permission to view that page :(

Hi dadateacher,

Unfortunately the link takes you to the Professional Tarot forum which is in the Subscriber section.

Here's the spread that Tarotbones was linking to:

The Seven-Position Horseshoe

Position 1: Recent Past
Position 2: Present
Position 3: Hopes and Fears
Position 4: The Unknown
Position 5: The Gate
Position 6: Near Future
Position 7: Far Future

Love Sulis xx



Thanks Sulis, I didn't realize I was linking to a subscriber only. Thanks for your help! BB, Michael