New Book on Marseille Tarot by Camelia Elias


Hadn't heard of this, but I love her blog and other writings and I'm very excited that she's publishing a book on reading TdM. Wonder if it is coming from Eye Corner Press? I don't see it on their forthcoming books list.

Thanks for posting this! Something to look forward to in 2015!

Patrick Booker

Have ordered from Amazon UK. Looks like it will take a couple of weeks.



Thanks for this Patrick, looks well written. I have ordered a copy as well.


I presume she means the Carolus Zoya deck was created at the end of the 1700s, not 1700. The style resembles that of later decks in the 18th Century.

Looks interesting, look forward to hearing from anyone when their copy of the book arrives.

Patrick Booker

Carolus Zoya

Still waiting for my copy - estimated by Amazon UK to arrive between 15th and 21st January 2015.

An interesting post from Camelia Elias about Carolus Zoya and his deck:

Doesn't look like she plans to publish it commercially.




I just spent some time looking around on her blog and i really like this woman's writing and perspective!....

Can't wait to hear some reviews on her book!

Peace all, been a long time...


Patrick Booker

Still waiting for mine. There seems to be a delay with Amazon UK. They are now giving me a revised delivery estimate of 3rd to 11th February 2015. There is another seller, but they are more expensive, so I will stick with Amazon now.