New Conver - Marseilles deck


My best friend, brother-like Kevin, has done a wonderful job.

He has totally and numerically restored the Conver version of the Tarot of Marseilles, an oldest one.
So if you are interested in, then you can look at some cards (the majors) here :

The whole deck, majors and minors, is available for abroad customers at gamecrafter's site :

Feedbacks about graphics, colors and numerical restoration are welcome !


I think it looks lovely. I particularly like the way the backgrounds aren't white but I'm finding the white on the cards (from the scans anyway), particularly the eyes, a little bright and jarring.
I'd love to see some of the Minors and to know what type of cardstock has been used - lamination, varnish etc.


I imagine it is of gamecrafters usual high standard - light lamination and good quality card. Pity about the postage costs, though - is there any hope you will do as Bertrand did and import a bundle to resell within Europe ?


Gregory, we are still searching a printer/publisher for the deck in Europe. Unfortunately, printers do not want to publish old decks, only new and original ones.
We will keep you informed about a Europe release.
However, your bundle idea is a very good one and I will ask Kevin if it could be a short term possibility for European customers.
Thank you.


Sulis, I will try to show you some minors here, with author's authorization.


I have been looking for a Marseilles deck...this one looks very nice.

Kevin Meunier

Tarot Conver - Kevin Meunier

Hi everyone ! :)

Thank you Prudence for the "publicizing" :D You're lovely !

Being the one concerned, I'll try to answer to every question you may ask. Just forgive my soooo terrible english. Actually, I'm french and angry with english lessons ^_^

Sulis > I just added some youtube videos on the game's page, showing the Minors and Majors Arcanum :)

Gregory > I planned to import some copies of this deck, but I don't know when because I have to go to Morocco for a few months, and I am currently looking for someone who will be able to deal with it (orders, sending, etc.) As I should say : "To be continued..." :D

Toj > Hope you gonna like it ;)


Ooh lovely - I love the way the background isn't bright white, I may just have to get this deck.

Is the postage to the UK really that bad from this Gamecrafter site?
OK, just had a look and I see that they offer 2 levels of postage - 1st Class and Priority and you can opt out of the insurance for shipping too. The lower postage price is $19 which is about £12 - expensive but not that bad.


I love that deck, but even in the US, price + shipping is close to $40. It will have to wait until my will power falters. :(