New Deck, a Tarot from Darisa


Hey, all! Been some time since I posted here about wanting to create a deck, and I've been hard at work since then. I and a friend have been working on designing/creating/polishing a deck, companion book, and holding cases. They're all based on the mythology of a world that is revealed and hinted at in the cards and their symbols.

I am hoping to publish the deck through kickstarter, and any support or signal boosting (even $1 donations, or just a mention on a twitter!) would be hugely helpful! If Anyone interested, please check out the link! Below that, I've included our version of The Magician (that title will be added in the final version to the bottom of the card). It's my favorite design so far, and hopefully gives an idea of what the deck as a whole will look/feel like.

Kickstarter link:

Thanks in advance for any help, and I hope everyone likes what they see! :)