"New Deck Interview" Spread


My Interview with the Tarot of Transformation

Thanks to all of you who have already taken the time to work with this spread and "interview" your decks whether old or new. I'm glad the spread has worked for you, and if problems come up, or something doesn't flow, I hope you'll let me know.

In any case, here's the link to my reading/interview with my new Tarot of Transformation deck which just arrived Friday. Very revealing. I knew this deck would be powerful for me, but was surprised to see how true this was.


Your thoughts would be appreciated on this reading too!

Blue skies and blessings,


Ooooh, I like this spread! Nice one, FireRaven! I'm going to try it out with my Tarot of Dreams.

edited to add: I did the reading and posted it here.


I did your spread last night. Yours was the first spread i did from this site and I really enjoyed it. I used my Gilded Tarot and the results were very informative. It was like my deck was happy to talk about itself.

I would post my reading, but I don't have the number of posts to enter that section of this board. There is so much information here I have been reading more than posting. LOL

Thanks again for the great spread.


Glad it worked for you!

I'm glad this spread worked for you. For a Tarot Card Addict like myself, it's one of the spreads I keep in my "back pocket" just in case I get a new deck that I just have to interview! ;)

I liked the concept of the cards telling me what they were about. A deck creator has a framework of symbology in mind when creating the deck, but sometimes the cards have "different" things to say to their new owners.

Blue skies and blessings,


Great idea!

Dancing Bear

Great Spread!!
i was going to save this spread for the long awaited Deck in the post,but instead got inpatient and tried it out on an old deck i have.
I cannot post in the readings section , i have not subscribed yet and also keep reading more than posting.
i will say the results were very very interesting especially when 4 out of the six cards were Major Arcana and the 1st pulled was the Emporer. i have saved the results in my journal to compare with the new deck.
i cant wait for the new deck to arrive.

Thanks again!!
Dancing Bear


Working with "New Deck Interview" Spread

I just wanted to share with you that I've used your spread with my two newest additions, the Tarot of the 78 Doors and the Da Vinci Enigna Tarot. This spread is amazing! I absolutely love using it! The results with both decks has been very interesting.
Great work! This spread is definitely a keeper! Thanks for sharing it.
Peace and light,


Thanks FireRaven- I do not deviate much from my usual circle of cards, although I do use occasionally one or two other spreads. I have recently got the the Medieval Scarpini- which attracts me and annoys me at the same time- so I thought I would try it out with an interview to see what the deck could tell me- I will post in readings~Rosanne


Deck Interviews continued...

I'm so glad this has been a "keeper" spread for you. The Tarot Card addict in me is ashamed to admit that I haven't had the opportunity to use it in a while -- no new decks to interview! :(

I thought of something though -- this might be a good spread to use when you haven't worked with a deck in a while and need to reconnect with it before using it regularly again. I'll have to try it, and see if I learn something new about one of the decks I haven't had in circulation for some time. I'll let you know my results -- otherwise, I bet tweaking things a little might lead to a spread along the lines of "Getting to Know You...Again." ;)

Happy 2006 to everyone,