New Deck "Jewel" spread !


After a couple years of not working very much with cards, I found my passion for them again ! I bought a few different Oracle decks, very different energy from the ones I usually work with.

I decided to work on my own New Deck Spread and came up with one that really "clicked" for me and as it has been very useful for me I wanted to share :

New deck "Jewel" Spread :


1. The energy : a description of the energy, the essence of the deck.
2. The reason : Why has the deck come to me now (or why do I feel the pull to work with this deck now).
3. The teachings : What is the deck here to teach me and help me explore ?
4. The effort : What does the deck ask of me in order to get the most out of our relationship ?
5. The limitations : What are the areas that are NOT the deck's expertise ? For what subject or aspects of exploration should I use another deck ?
6. The gift : What gift could I receive or discover out of my working with the deck ?
7. The whisper : a message from the deck with guidance for the present time.

Here is an image of the spread with actual cards.

Variation :
I think it would also be nice to do it in a clockwise order like this :

It could also be a spread to use with deck one has not worked with in a while or one that we got a long time ago but have never yet really used. Like a "reconnect to a deck spread".

I hope you guys enjoy it and find it of some use.

Feedback appreciated ! :)


thank you i am going to go do this with my Soul Cards, have not interviewed them in a while!


I really like this spread. Just browsing and came across it. I love the layout and the over all look. Now to just figure out what deck to use with it.


That's a really nice spread, and I feel like I'm going to be using it for some of the decks I've got recently and some of the ones I've unearthed in packing to give a second shot. I have had a lot of impulse buy decks where I haven't known what to do with them afterwards so thanks for posting!