New Deck - Okay with High Priestess, Not Okay with Empress


I just got the Student Tarot - Stained Glass today and the cards are absolutely lovely! Though admittedly, not entirely sure what to make of the new deck interview spread I've just done for it.


Card 1: What kind of deck are you? - The Moon - this is a 100% intuitive deck which would make sense as all lettering is in Chinese, including the LWB so I can only go on the images. This also gives me a fairly sultry vibe, and that it's geared towards adding clarity in uncertain situations.

Card 2: What is your personality type? - The Fool - It's excitable, enthusiastic and impulsive. Also highly romantic and always looking towards the future and what it has to offer.

Card 3: What is your strongest personality trait/s? - Seven of Chalices - All about options and dreaming. It also might be probe to helping making tough decisions.

Card 4: What is your weakest personality trait/s? - Nine of Coins - a little stumped on this one. The first thing that comes to mind encouraging isolation, or reinforcing the idea that things may be out of reach (the coins being high up in the trees/clouds versus them being in the water with the mermaid in seven of chalices, making them more easily accessible).

Card 5: What are our common personality traits? - King of Swords - We like to see results and get sh*t done :laugh:

Card 6: What are our differences in personality traits? ( look for possible personality clash) - Four of Coins - Holding back and stubbornness. Refusing to let go of things that no longer should be held onto.

Card 7: What personality traits do you work best with? - Intuition. Open minds.

Card 8: What personality traits do you avoid? - The Empress - I'm a little taken aback because the Empress is one of my favorite cards! But I guess the difference between the HP and the Empress is some sense of control and a need to see immediate results. The HP is happy to move forward blindly to get where she needs to be, the Empress needs to have a clear pathway before her, to see the seeds she's planted blooming so she can have a better understanding of how to nurture them.

Card 9: What is the potential outcome of our personalities being compatible? - Page of Wands - I'll be more care free! More open to new possibilities and feel less of a need to control things.


After spending time thinking about it, it appears as though the HP for what traits it gets along with is absolute honesty and truth, regardless of how it may hurt. While the traits it does not get along with in relationship to the Empress are coddling and nurturing at the expense of the aforementioned truth.

... Goodness I think this deck is sassy.