New Deck "ritual"


So I was reading up on the Comte de Mellet spread, here

And I decided to try it with one of the study decks I own, the Antico Tarocco Italiano. But, I performed a little ritual first, asking the deck whether it wanted to be used for readings and.... Lo and behold! I drew the Ace of Cups reversed, as if the deck wanted to say 'I have got all my riches in my but sibce the drinking cup is upside down, you won't enjoy them".

Guess will read eith my Marseille deck


i did that too once. i got magician rx so i didn't get the deck even though it was nice.

so after having bothered me for a while i went back to the store and played with them for a while and looking at the images and there were cards missing and some had doubles

ace of cups rx could mean that they'd tell you the worst parts, or things that wouldn't make you happy


Wow! Thanks for the indication about the Ace of Cups.

The Magician rx was quite a precise description of how the deck was - 'crooked' I'd say...


With decks, as with animals and children, you gotta show them who is boss. Gently, but firmly. Otherwise, you'll never get those kids to bed, you'll never get that cat into the carrier, and that one standoffish deck in your collection will remain remote.

That said, there is a possibility that you need some extra time with the deck before using it for reading. Some journaling and some extra reading, maybe.


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