New Grateful Dead Tarot image

Shady Backflash

The link below contains two sizes of the latest image in the Grateful Dead Tarot deck that I am developing. The image was rendered by William Giese, an illustrator who has done numerous designs in the Grateful Dead world, both on official promotional releases for the band and for shirts and stickers that were sold in the Grateful Dead parking lot.

The image is the Ten of Feathers (Ten of Swords) and is a rendering of the Robert Hunter song Dire Wolf.

Any and all feedback is welcome. The deck is still in search of an appropriate publisher. Any suggestions on a potential publisher to persue would be most appreciated.


Shady Backflash

the bottom of the image is cropped because the entire image did not fit on my scanner...


I assume you have his permission to use the images? Copyright is taken quite seriously. Marion

Shady Backflash

the proposed deck is to be licensed via grateful dead merchandising whom i've been in touch with, both via phone and internet and in person.

robert hunter does not allow use of his lyrics for commercial product, so the images would not include song lyrics, but, rather, would be visual interpretations of the cards intended to evoke song lyrics and characters. hunter wrote me a very friendly and heartfelt letter explaining his position on this and i will make every effort to work within his boundaries.

the dead's other lyricist, john barlow, is quite supportive of the project. (he even went so far as to say "do it anyway. we are too weak to **** with you." -- his words, not mine -- but i'd far rather work with the band's blessing than against it, particularly since i'm anticipating a $25,000 art budget.)

what the dead and its extended family "owns" is the music they've produced (including lyrics attributed to the respective lyricists), the names The Dead, The Grateful Dead, even Deadheads (Dead Heads), the Steal Your Face image, the Skull and Roses (which they borrowed from a public domain image from the Rubiayat of Omar Khayyam and then copyrighted), the Dancing Bear and maybe one or two other bits and pieces. pretty much everything else is fair game including every aspect of the above linked image. but i would rather give GratefuL Dead Merchandising (GDM) thier 10% cut, license the item, be able to sell it via their wholesale and retail network and maintain the connection between the deck and the band that inspired it.


Nice work.
Very nice work…

“The wolf came in, I got my cards
We sat down for a game
I cut my deck to the Queen of Spades
but the cards were all the same…”


the grateful dead tarot cards

hi. my name is audrianna. i have been trying to find grateful dead tarot cards all over. this is the closest i have come to find one. my mom and i really love the grateful dead. i thought this would be a great gift for her. i was wondering why you never finished making the deck? i know it was long ago but it wood be awesome if you finished it. i saw the tarot of the dead and it is good but not the same. nothing can compare to a grateful dead tarot deck. thank you for your time.


I only get 'page not found'. The link is dead. And it looks like their last post on this site was in February of 2005. The person is no longer active most likely.


man that really sucks. i would really love it if someone would make a deck with the grateful dead on. thank you for your response.


If there were a Grateful Dead tarot, I might actually be able to get my boyfriend interested in a reading! Even if not, I'd love to have it for myself. ;) Oh well. I wish we could still view the original picture!