New Oracle deck in motion...


I am working with an artist on a new oracle deck with what I think is a super awesome theme! Does anyone have any tips, tricks or advice on making and publishing decks? Such as websites, marketing, etc.

Thanks :)


We discuss this a LOT in this forum, just searching down through the titles on the past few pages would get you a wide range.

Self publishing is common. Gamecrafter and Printerstudio are two places you can have decks made up very reasonably.

Size of the cards is a consideration too, many readers don't like huge decks, they're harder to shuffle.

A lot of readers want reversible backs, if doing a reading where upright and reversals are important.

Packaging -- boxes or bags?

Is a little white booklet going to be included?

Color deck or black and white? How many cards?

Are there borders on the deck, or does the image go all the way to the edge? Is a nice font used for any text? Are the corners rounded or square?


I prefer 50-60 cards.


Thank you!