New Orleans Voodoo Study: Ogoun la Flambeau, Petro 5

Little Baron

This is a harsher card than the last two that I have drawn.

When I look at this I think of metal burning up. I think of the temperature rising until it is white hot. I think of iron rubbing against iron. I think of large cogs turning against each other and the friction that is made. The whole scene just gets hotter and hotter.

And I suppose that this is what having a character that is ruled by file in a suit that is ruled by fire. It is dry and hot and there is little time for thought or emotion, which makes this Ogoun, or warrier, a touch cookie to work with. The traditional symbolism of the tarot 5 (offered by Waite) in the suit of batons, fits here, I suppose, but somehow, this spirit is a little more relentless, rather than a tad compedative. He goes out and out to get what he wants. Which could represent a problem if he is drawn from the deck. Some kind of consideration is needed.



notes from IDS studies -- 5 Petro

Ogoun stands amidsta bodies, shield and sword at the ready. Though he is injured, he is still ready to fight (or seems to think himself so). I get a sense of exhaustion from this card.

There is lots of dark red in this card...the color of dried blood, muted anger, battle lust, diminished passion. The colors are smouldering, almost Hell-like.

Ogoun La Flambeau fights because that's all he knows how to do, even when the odds are stacked against him.

His shield covers his abdomen and part of his penis; covering vulnerabilities (the battle has become a liability instead of an asset). The shield is blue = calm. A bit of calm in the midst of the madness. The white in the center of the shield = peace, purity. Very little of this as well.

The shield is actually in the center of the entire card; peace is found in one's center (spirit)?