New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - Congo--Mambo [Queen of Cups]


The mambo is kneeling in the center of the card in the water. Water flows from her hands. Her hair is long, blue, rippled like waves and blends in with the water. Can’t tell where she begins and water ends, and vice versa. The background of the card is blue and indicates movement (as does the ripples in the mambo’s hair). A blue snake is around her waist and stares out of the card as directly as the mambo does. Her dress is draped Grecian style  goddess energies. There is an aura of mystery and knowing (nod to High Priestess).

Lots of gentle motion (subtlety)  no stagnation/. Erosion vs. hurricane. The mambo is an empath (receptivity of emotion).

The stray lock at the top of the mambo’s head  antennae to the Universe (crown chakra, directly in center of head  centering).


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Water Pixie


To me this card signifies a woman, particularly in an emotional state. I drew this card reversed when I was suicidal and thoroughly out of control with my emotions. But it can also represent a woman who is very in touch with her emotions and those around her; like an empath. Or alternatively a woman in love if the cards around it suggest so and if it is upright.