New Orleans Voodoo Tarot -- Reversals


Hello all,

I've been really connecting with my NOVT lately (FINALLY!). However, in a couple of my readings, I've come up with reversals, namely with the following cards:

Les Barons Guedes (wild card)

How do you handle reversals in this deck? Do you go by the traditional meaning of reversals (blockage, confusion, opposite meaning)?

I've found that I often get a different intuitive meaning than the book divination.




More thoughts on reversals

In the month since I first posted a question about reversals, I've gotten closer to my deck and figured out a few things...namely that if you haven't figured out that the NOVT is very loosely based on the RW, then you'll learn it when you try to read reversals. :D

This deck relies heavily on imagery and color, and it's best to interpret cards (upright or reversed) using the images FIRST. Don't rely too heavily on the suit-and-number combo, as a 3 of Cups in a RW deck is vastly different in appearance and, it seems, interpretation than a 3 Congo (Congo = Cups in the NOVT).

Also, this deck relies more heavily upon intuitive interpretation than, perhaps, a RW deck. Maybe this is because the deck is inspired by (and hopefully influenced by) the lwa (spirits), and so using this deck is supposed to lead one to tap more into the spiritual realm of the voudoun pantheon. *shrug*

Those are my thoughts on reversals in this deck. Anyone else?



I find this deck to be extremely intuitive, and most of the meanings in the book are hard to apply at times.

I think you need to know about the Lwa and Orisha to be able to apply their traits, stories, lessons, etc. to the situation you are in.

As to reversals, I find that it's where you aren't getting what that particular card is trying to say. Refer to the spirit and see what they want you to hear - in Ifa, it is said that Ibi means that you don't understand the lesson, whereas in Ire is where you understand and learn from it - so Ibi to me here is a reversed or troublesome card, and Ire is well aspected. (Ibi and Ire more or less mean goodness and blockage).

Thanks for the good post!