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This cards is a representation of the Earth and how one can be implicated in earthy life.


Ayizan is also related to the first female High Priestess so she is also the mother of all other initiated to come after, a symbol of the ancestors.


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My card spells this as Ayizan, rather than Aziyan, as you have it here.

Ayizan is the wife of Loco, who is one of the major healers. He specializes in tree and herbal charms to heal and repair the body. She purifies initiates against maelevolent magic. She imparts the psychic security for power and health. This name means "Mother Earth".


Haitian Initiation

Ayizan plays a key role in the kanzo (initation) of Haitian Vodou candidates for the priesthood. Though non-initiates, I think, cannot see all of it, there is a beautiful ceremony involving an "empty" white draped chair and the splitting and dramatically twirling of palm fronds as part of the intiation process. I adore Ayizan and love the energy of this card. I connect, in varying degrees, with the depictions of the Lwa ands Orisha in this deck but Ayizan is right on.

Little Baron

Ayizan is the most ancient loa.

Her emblem is the frayed palm branch, which is a symbol of purity - clearness of mission and focus of devotion. Her face is covered with them in the picture.

The market where she stands is a traditional place of power for women.

Love, beauty, pleasure and success. Protection for women's affairs and the just in general. Concern for purity of devotion.

The earth and the shape it is in is her concern. The life giving function of the market symbolises the life-giving function of a woman's breasts.



But what does the card mean to you, personally? What do the cards tell you asides from their cultutal background? I believe this is especially important with this deck.


Ayizan is the lwa of the marketplace. She is married to Loko and is also a healer.

In this card Ayizan is in the marketplace. This marketplace is not as vibrant or busy as the French Market (afterlife? Underworld? Meeting place between this world and spirit world?). The dead and living offer goods and wares. There is a clear blue sky.

Dead, living and Ayizan all dress in white  purity (also, white is the color of mourning in non-US and non-European cultures).

The dead and the living have something to offer [traditional: abundance, growth, fertility]

Healing: food as comfort? Retail therapy?

Ayizan wears a palm frond mask: palm fronds are sacred to Ayizan. Palms are used to make wine and the fronds are used to make roofs on huts. Palm trees grow coconuts. One tree gives much to a society (abundance and growth).


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