New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - V--Master of the Head [The Hierophant]


Man plays a drum and the face of the lwa appears in the drumhead. The lwa leaves the drum and floats above the drummer, kissing him on the forehead. The sky is a deep, clear blue, no clouds. Lush grass. The drummer wears white pants  innocence, purity

Traditional: rules, institutions, teaching. The drummer learned his lessons well enough to draw the lwa from the drum (communication? There is energy in the man’s right drumming hand).

The grass=growth (via unfettered spiritual communication)
Sky=unlimited spirit, no barriers to the Divine

The lwa’s kiss is one of benediction; father bestowing kiss upon son (traditional meaning: priest, institutions).

Master of the Head: the lwa are said to reside in the head  “god on your head” is commonly divined for vodoun and Santeria initiates, for these are the gods to whom they pay primary homage every day. Also, one who masters intellect/thought masters himself, and can thus master others.

In Santeria, Obatala rules the head and is called the Great Father.


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