New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - VIII--Possession [Strength]


Lwa mounts a woman. This lwa is chalk white, woman is black. Red illuminates woman and the lwa  energy, passion of possession. The red = lwa gives her energy. The red also tinges her nipples  creation, fertility energy? During possession, the mount becomes very strong due to the strength of the lwa. Red mouth on lwa  “speak” creation/energy into existence, power?

The lwa holds a green snake (Simbi); the snake’s tail is at the mount’s mouth (kiss the illusion? Take it into one’s self?).

The woman’s posture is subservient, but she is a willing mount (more willing than initiate in the Dance card). It takes strength to be mounted (strength to be subservient, which is different—and often confused—with subordination).

The lwa seems content; because mount is willing? Because there is a body to possess? Power/magick shoots from the lwa’s left hand  shielding mount? Spreading powers?

There is stark coloring in this cardL black/white with hints of red  dichotomy: this world/Other World, spirit/flesh, light/dark, illumination/darkness, knowledge/ignorance, yin/yang, male/female (lwa is male, mount is female), insertion/reception.


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Water Pixie


To me this card sometimes says, "Let the loa guide you to where you need to be and have the strength to endure anything that may come your way."