New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - XI--Secret Societies [Justice]


A woman stands in a patch of foliage. She faces a forest, where the animals stare at her in return. Her hands are behind her back (tied?). There is a sense of waiting, of that moment right before action occurs.

Top half of card:
The woods = stability, rootedness. The animals = primal instinct.

Bottom half of card:
There are warm, dark tones to this card. The woman’s clothes are tinged with blue  cool, calm. Her covered head = secrecy (can’t see her face either), modesty, protection of crown chakra. The muted green, lush foliage  growth in the midst of stillness  stillness is necessary for growth.

The card indicates a willingness to meet halfway.

There is something in the woman’s open left hand: object? Stigmata? The woman gives a secrecy feel to the entire card. Is the woman trying to become part of the forest’s “Secret society”? Secret societies include as much as they exclude. Or is the woman “on trial” in front of the animals for some trespass/grievance  law of the jungle is in effect (reap what you sow? Kill or be killed? Predator or prey?).


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