New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - XIII--Les Morts [Death]


Bodies (spirits?) are clumped together in a field (lump) of green. Some have hands outstretched toward the heavens, and hands in the heavens are reaching down toward the spirits. A phoenix is on the right side of the card.

The background of the card is yellow  Hope, happiness. The heavenly hands are outlined in light blue sky, calm. The spirits have heavy purple outlines and shading  psychic, Other Side. The purple is also a nod to the guedeh/Les Barons. Green=growth. Lump=pod?

The phoenix is a mythical symbol of rebirth and resurrection.

The spirit at the bottom left of the card seems to be blowing something down onto earth; blowing death? Delivering news?

Overall, this is a cheerful card. It’s more symbolic of transformation and rebirth than an actual, physical death. There is none of the gloominess of the traditional RWS card.


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